How It Works

All The Dresses makes it easy to sort through the thousands of items available for hire online in New Zealand, from a number of fantastic online rental companies. We're a search engine for rental clothing & accessories in New Zealand! We don't stock or hire out any items ourselves.

1. Search or Browse for Outfits

Use All The Dresses lightning-fast load-as-you-type search, or instant filters, to find items you love.

2. Check the Details

Click on any items you like to to see what sizes are available, read the style notes and view more photos.

Each product will have a link labelled "Rent it from [Rental Company Name]", along with that rental company's logo. This is the online rental company that stocks the item. You'll also see some brief details about them under the "About" and "Postage" tabs, such as whether they allow try-ons and their standard postage costs.

3. Click through to the Rental Company's Website

To get the full picture, click the "Rent it from [Rental Company Name]" link that is shown for all products on All The Dresses. This link will take you directly to that item on the website of the rental company that provides it. From their website, you can check availability for your event date, read the company's FAQ or Terms & Conditions, book a try-on and of course, rent the item!

Tip: If you've found an item you love, but your size isn't available, we highly recommend you try searching for it on All The Dresses by typing the product name into the search bar. There may be other rental companies offering that exact same item, and they may have it in your size!

Rental Companies

Below is a list of Kiwi online designer clothing rental companies featured on All The Dresses. If you know of another that you think should be featured, please let us know!

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