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All The Dresses

What is All The Dresses?

All The Dresses brings all the designer dresses, bags, accessories and other clothing available for hire online in New Zealand into one fantastically fast website. We connect directly to the systems of over 20 of New Zealand's best online rental companies, so you can see everything in one place. Search, browse, filter, compare and shortlist from over 4,000 listings on our website.

Bookings do not take place on the All The Dresses website, they are handled by the website of each rental company featured on our website. Whenever you click/tap the "Rent it from (company name)" button whilst viewing an item, you'll be redirected to the website of the company providing the item, where you can check availability, make a booking or get directly in touch.

When did All The Dresses start?

All The Dresses ( was launched in May of 2017, with our NZ site ( coming a few months later.

Where are you located?

All The Dresses is an online-only company and we don't have a shopfront. The company founders are born and bred in Perth, Australia.

The rental companies featured on All The Dresses are based all across New Zealand. Many of them have physical shopfronts, warehouse spaces or small studios where garments can be tried on. When viewing a item, you'll see the name of the rental company providing it. You'll also see some icons which will tell you whether they have a physical space for try-ons and in what part of New Zealand it is located.

For the full address, opening hours & how to book an appointment, click through to the company's website via the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button.

Do you operate in any countries other than New Zealand?

Yes! We also operate in Australia. Check the website out at

Renting Items

How do I know whether the dress I want is available for my event date?

All of the rental companies featured on All The Dresses have a booking calendar on their website. Click through to their site from any product on All The Dresses by clicking the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button. You will be taken directly to the product page on their website, where you will be able to see availability on a calendar, as well as select your date and make your booking by adding to cart and going through checkout.

My dream dress isn't available for my date, what can I do!?

Because all the dresses features items from most of New Zealand's best rental companies we often have multiple listings for the same dress or item. Keep a lookout for the "Also available from..." button or section below a product when viewing the product detail. This will show you other companies that also have the item, what sizes they have it available in and their price.

Hopefully one of the other companies has it available for your date!

Can I try on a dress before I hire it?

Several of the rental companies featured on All The Dresses give customers the option of trying on dresses prior to committing to the rental. The process for this varies. Some do try-ons at their studio, some do them by post, some both, and unfortunately, some companies don't have any facility for try-ons. Look out for the icons below when viewing an item, or click through to the rental company's website via the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button for the full scoop.

Studio Try-Ons
Try-ons by Post

As an alternative to try-ons, some companies offer a "Backup Dress" option. This means you can be sent a 2nd dress along with your preferred dress for no cost, or for a much lower cost than hiring the item outright. If available, this can be the same dress as your preferred, but in a size up or down. Look out for the icon below when viewing an item, or click through to the to the rental company's website via the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button to find more information.

Backup Dress


How do I know if something will fit me prior to renting a dress?

Like all online fashion purchases, it is difficult to say with 100% certainty whether something will fit without trying it on. Most companies featured on All The Dresses have some kind of try-on service (see FAQ question above). If the company doesn't do try-ons, or you don't want to pay the fee, or there just isn't enough time, these things can help you ensure you get the right fit:

  • Read the description under "Style Notes" as this will sometimes have information regarding shape & fit.
  • If you're familiar with the designer, or already own something by that designer, check the tags as it is likely you will be the same size as the other item.
  • Click through to the website of the rental company providing the item via the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button. From their website you can get in touch with them directly for advice.
What if my rental arrives and it doesn't fit?

Each rental company featured on All The Dresses has a different policy on returns for items that don't fit. When viewing a product on our website, you will see an icon which indicates whether the company allows a refund/credit/exchange when it doesn't fit. It will look like the icon below:

Returns if it
doesn't fit

Please do not rely on this alone though. The icon is just for indicative purposes. Always read the full terms & conditions on the website of the rental company at which you are making a booking. For companies that do allow returns when a garment doesn't fit, they will usually subtract postage and/or a processing free from the amount you will receive back as a refund or credit.

How does delivery and returns work?

All The Dresses does not get involved in order placement & fulfilment, delivery and returns. This is handled completely by the rental company that you book with. Read the 'How It Works', 'FAQ' or similar pages on their website once you have clicked through via the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button.

All rental companies featured on All The Dresses deliver items directly to your door and the package will include a return postage-paid satchel inside. Once you've worn your dress, you pop it into the satchel and drop it off to the post office, shop or letterbox associated with the postal/courier company the satchel is for (usually New Zealand Post).

Pay attention to the booking and return dates as instructed by the rental company you are booing from in order to ensure you avoid late fees!

I need a rental for an extended period, e.g. 10 days+, can this be accommodated?

The majority of rental companies featured on All The Dresses have 4 or 8 day rental as standard, although there are a couple that allow you to select any number of days, with the cost going up for each additional day. When viewing each product, you will see a small amount of information about this presented as an icon like below:

4 or 8 Day
Rental Period

If the rental company's website does not allow you to select a duration that covers the period you require, it is worth contacting them directly to see if they can accommodate. Many are happy to do this if it doesn't overlap with any future bookings for the item. Of course, you can expect a higher cost for these cases.

Can items be shipped overseas (outside New Zealand) ?

The rental companies featured on All The Dresses only post to locations within New Zealand.

Partnering with All The Dresses

How do I get my rental business to be featured on All The Dresses?

All The Dresses is selective about the rental companies we partner with. We want to ensure that quality of service and range is maintained across all items featured on our website.

As a minimum, your business must:

  • Have a website with full booking calendar and checkout capability
  • Post to customers in all locations New Zealand-wide

If your business meets these minimum requirements and is interested in being featured on All The Dresses, then please get in touch and we'll take in from there!

I'm an individual, can I list my items for hire on All The Dresses?

Sorry, All The Dresses does not list items from individuals. We only work with professional rental businesses that have a website with full booking calendar and checkout capability.


Are you interested in buying my second-hand item?

All The Dresses doesn't purchase 2nd-hand garments from the public, even if they've only been worn once. We wish you all the best with finding a buyer through other channels.

I'm an influencer, would you like to collaborate?

All The Dresses is not doing collaborations at this time, but feel free to get in touch and we'll add you to our list of contacts for potential future collaborations.

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