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For enquiries related to dress availability, sizing, delivery times or option to purchase, please contact the rental company that stocks the item. When you click into a particular item on All The Dresses, there will be a pink button labelled "Rent it from (company name)". Clicking on that will take you to the product's page on the website that provides item. From there you can view the company's "FAQ" or "How it Works" page for more information, or send them an email via their Contact page.

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If you're not aware, All The Dresses does not stock or rent any items ourselves. All products listed on our website are provided by one of Australia's best online designer rental companies.

Questions about a specific item are best directed to that rental company. To get in touch with them, simply click the pink "Rent it from (company name}" button shown on all product pages. This will take you directly to the website of the rental company that is offering that item. There you will find more information and you'll be able to get in touch with them directly via their contact page.

If your enquiry is not about a specific item, please continue by completing the form below and we'll respond as soon as we can!

Several of the rental companies featured on All The Dresses give customers the option of trying on dresses prior to committing to the rental. The process for this varies. Some do try-ons at their studio, some do them by post, some both, and unfortunately, some companies don't have any facility for try-ons. Look out for the icons below when viewing an item, or click through to the rental company's website via the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button for the full scoop.

Studio Try-Ons
Try-ons by Post

As an alternative to try-ons, some companies offer a "Backup Dress" option. This means you can be sent a 2nd dress along with your preferred dress for no cost, or for a much lower cost than hiring the item outright. If available, this can be the same dress as your preferred, but in a size up or down. Look out for the icon below when viewing an item, or click through to the to the rental company's website via the pink "Rent it from (company name)" button to find more information.

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